White Long Tongue - Exercise In Mechanism

Zohar Messeca-Fara | idiot.io  



3-12V DC Gear Motor

Motor Pulleys (3D Printed)

PVC Sheet 0.6mm

Zip Ties

Tasa Tape 1”

Plastic tubes 3mm

Nozzle Squeeze Bead Holders

Strong Nylon Fishing String 0.5mm

Prepare The Motor Mount Base Segment:

Cut a 15cm X 3.5cm PVC Sheet for the Motor Base Segment and place the Motor 1cm from the PVC Edge.

Mark 2 positions on both sides of the Motor .
2 holes are needed for each Zip tie for Attaching the Motor Tightly on the PVC Surface .

Make 4 Holes on the PVC with a puncher on the 4 marked positions.

Insert the zip ties through the holes and Fasten tightly across the motor. trim zip tie left over with a cutter.

Tongue Segments & Joints Assembly


Cut 4 segments of PVC (3.5cm width).the length of each segment will dictate the motion Behavior and the shape of tongue.

try one of the examples below for segments lengths :

Cut 3.5cm pieces of strong Tasa Tape And Connect Between all Tongue segments. Attach the Tape on the top Side of the PVC.

 Installing Plastic Guide Tubes For String


Measure and cut string guiding tubes

Attach guiding tubes on center of PVC segment with tasa tape.

Adding the String


Measure the entire length of the tongue and then cut a Nylon string in  
 the same length as the entire tongue + additional 10 cm from each  

Make a double tie at one end of the string and lock with a Squeeze Bead Holder.

Pass the other side of the string through the bottom segment tube till the top motor segment tube.

Make a tie on the center of the motor pulley.

Pass the string through the tiny hole in front of the motor pulley.

Pull the string tightly and make a double tie.