T-Shield v1.0

Flexible circuitry for wearable & physical computing prototypes 

zohar messeca-fara | yair reshef

In this paper we describe a simple DIY design and fabrication methods for creating flexible electronic circuits, MCU & sensors interfaces, traces and connectors. our aim is to bridge the gap between the hardware and the softWARE. using commonly available tools .


as part of our job running shenkar’s SE prototype lab we’ve been supporting many wearable and physical computing courses and students projects, mostly based on arduino platform.

we have noticed our students having hard time with the transition

from breadboard development stage to the final physical model or garment.

we’ve witnessed many (last moment) crash downs, wiring horrors and tragedies.

caused by a lack of skills with wiring ,soldering and/or not enough time spent on the final prototype and embedded circuit design.

Research aims

  • flat and flexible design

  • simple connectivity

  • versatile interface

  • diy

  • low cost materials (available in local market)

  • Easy debugging