Stellar CupCake Synth

Zohar Messeca-Fara    |   

PIFcamp 2017 

Stellar CupCake Synth is the simplest sound generating circuit . 
based on a Flashing LED as the sound source.
This kind of LED comes with a tiny built in MCU that generates PWM sequences.

The Piezo element acts as the output speaker of LED signals . 
the Cupcake is used for amplification.
Stellar CupCake Synth was created last summer at PIFcamp 2017 in slovenia.


Preparing Coin Cell Battery Pack:

1.Remove cover from EMI tape and stick them on (+) side of 2 Coin cells.

2. Remove EMI tape cover from the other side of 1st Coin cell.

3. Attach 2nd Coin Cell (gnd) side on (+) side of 1st Coin cell.

4. Remove EMI tape cover from the other side of 2nd Coin cell.

5. Attach 3rd Coin Cell (gnd) Side on (+) side of 2nd Coin cell.

6. Cut 1cm x 3cm piece of shrink and insert battery Pack inside.

Prepare And Attach The Metal Wires:

7. Cut 2 pieces of 1mm Metal Wire 7 cm long each. And Make a Flat spiral at the end of each wire. use a plier.

8. Attach the spiral of one metal wire between the battery Pack (+) side and Shrink.

9. Attach the spiral of the other metal wire between the Battery pack (gnd) side and Shrink.

Mount And Solder The Flashing LED:

10. Attach the Flashing LED to the metal Wires. Check polarity! Connect LED long leg to (+) and short leg to (gnd). Use a piece of Kapa for assistance and keeping a precise space between the The metal wires.

11. Solder the Flashing LED to the The metal wires.

Connect and Solder The Piezo Element:

12. Attach the Piezo Element Check polarity! Connect Piezo red cable to (+) Metal Wire. Connect Piezo black cable To (gnd) Metal Wire.

13. Solder the Piezo cables to the Metal Wires.

14. Almost Done!

Attach The Circuit To Battery Pack :

15. Apply Hot Air on battery Pack Shrink with a Blower.

16. For Powering off the Circuit Use a piece of PVC or carton. Just stick it between the battery And one of the Metal wires.

Attach Battery Pack and Piezo Element to Aluminum CupCake :

17. Apply thick Double Side Tape on Bottom Of battery Pack (gnd) side.

18. Remove the cover and attach Battery Pack to Aluminum CupCake.

19. Apply thin Double Side Tape on  

Piezo Element And Attach it to

CupCake flat bottom .

20. Stellar CupCake Synth is Done!!