NanoRF V1.5

Wireless RF Communication Breakout Board Design For Arduino Nano Based On NRF24L SMD Module.

zohar messeca-fara | yair reshef

NanoRF Development Has Started around Middle of 2015 As Part Of T-Shield V2.0 Research .

We Have Planned To Add A Wireless RF Communication Capability To The New T-Shield Version

And Also Needed A Better Interface For Uploading Code and Debugging then We Had At The Early T-Shield Version With The Pro Mini MCU .

We Decided To Use Arduino Nano Board Instead Its Cheap And Relatively Small with A Mini USB Socket.

And Also Based on ATMEL328 Chip (which is Equivalent To Arduino UNO Specifications).

The Standart NRF24L Module Comes with A 2×3 pins Horrible Connection Interface And Overall Is To Large And clumsy.

we Decided to use a NRF24 SMD Module for Achieving A Flat And Compact Design.




 – Available in 2 Models: Castellated and Through Hole.
Wireless RF Communication Based on NRF24L SMD Module.
– 4 MOSFET Channels 3A Max. With PWM Control and additional Circuit incl. Diode/Drop Down Resistors.

 – Easy Connection To Computer Uploading Code and Debugging

Flat And Compact Design.