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8Bit Mini Mixtape version 1.3

svg file

Parts Placement

svg file

3535 led Placement marks

place the 3535 led exactly on the 4 marked positions!

Standart Output Mode

for standart output mode ( external amplifier / headphones / amplified speaker )
the tip (T) of the smd jack should be removed!!

Instruction Video>

PCB Layout Design

Flexible PCB Photolithography Process Using Photoresist Dry Film & Pyralux

UV Exposure 1:45 Min
Soudium Carbonate 2g:200ml water

video soon…

Etching Using Ferric chloride

ferric 1:1 water
(we Should Ditch the ferric and switch to NaPS approx 200-300g per liter water at 50C)

  • Made Few design mistakes with 3535 LEDS Pads… fixed now!!
First working Mini Mixtape Test! on FR4 Clad

Etched With NaPS & Assembled by The 8Bit Mixtape Guru Master Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr!!!