establish a communication channel between lollipops / a gateway to web.
a normal IR transmitter/reciever setup will not do as they require fast timer digital input.
which we dont have as we are not using micro controllers in the candy. and we want to keep it simple.


to work with the ATtiny85 we need to take care of 3 things. IR transmitting, capacitive touch and sleep modes


to program the tiny85 we will use ATTinyCore core. and an arduino uno as an ISP programmer
see notes on ATTinyCore/ATTiny85

IR transmitter

starting point, falldeaf writeup, its based on ken sherif library. we need to reserve pin 1/PB1 (timer TINY0) on the ATTiny85
unfortunetly the z3to IRremote lib uses TIMER0 and so blocks reliable use of delay and millis. so seeJayDee gist is the best.

Capacitive Touch

our starting poit is this post from the highlow group, capcitive on the ATtiny85 as attiny have Qtouch built in, we would like to explore that approch. over at TinyTouch

Sleep States

sleep modes on the Attiny family has been coverd in this nice writup > Sleep Modes on ATTiny85


we will use the ESP8266 as our ir reciver and internet gateway

Old Info

infrared light emitting diodes, (pdf

SDP8276 transmitter

SEP8506 emitter