shenkar jamweek 2018

too all particpents, we have move to room 303 (3rd floor, 10am sharp!)

get doped with electrons!\

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White Long Tongue - Exercise in Mechanism

White Long Tongue - Exercise in Mechanism Step By Step Guide

in pdf pdf format

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8Bit Mini Mixtape [TLV version 1.0] by

Joining the 8Bit Mixtape Madness!!!

Discussion group on all kinda codes, soundzz and new developments for the 8Bit-Mixtape.
8Bit Mixtape Website
Follow on github: 8Bit Mixtape github
More documentation on the 8bitmixtape wiki: 8Bit Mixtape wiki

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34c3 workshop fanzine

here is the fanzine we worked with in the 34c3 workshops.

click the pic to get it in pdf format

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34c3 stream

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candy video playlist

a collection of video about candy making on youtube

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induction Vs ceramic heaters

induction stove

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simple IR transmitter

establish a communication channel between lollipops / a gateway to web.
a normal IR transmitter/reciever setup will not do as they require fast timer digital input.
which we dont have as we are not using micro controllers in the candy. and we want to keep it simple.

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corn starch molds


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Candy Making litrature

following is a collection of candy litrature. starting from recpies and ending with historical and academic sources.

Candy Is Magic: Real Ingredients, Modern Recipes AMZ


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